Public classes are open to all, and are scheduled at various locations in North America. These classes are your best option for learning Daylite or Merlin, with an instructor led, lab exercise based curriculum.

For those of you who have time limitations or don’t wish travel, our online or web based training is an excellent choice. These are generally offered as a sequence of multi-day classes. One does not get the benefit of face-to-face student teacher interaction.

If you have a large group, or simply want to focus on your specific training needs, we can create a solution just for you. We can train you in the comfort of your office, and save you the hassles and wasted time spent on travel.

2014/2015 Schedule of Trainings


We offer Daylite as a 2 day training and Multi-Session Online. There are four modules in total.There are four 4 hour modules. The classroom sessions are programmed as, Day 1 will constitute A & B and Day 2 will constitute C & D. The Online version is a set four 2 hour sessions. Daylite Course Content

Instructor Led | 2 Day

  • Los Angeles - November 25th, November 26th - Register
  • Los Angeles - December 11th, December 12th - Register

Web Online | 2 Hour Blocks

  • 4 Sessions - December 1st, December 2nd, December 3rd, December 4th - Register
  • 4 Sessions - January 5th, January 6th, January 7th, January 8th - Register


We offer Merlin as a 3 day training event. Each day is individualized and one may register for any or all sessions. Registering for the 2nd or 3rd sessions requires working knowledge of all preceding session contents. Merlin Course Content

Instructor Led | 3 Day

  • Los Angeles - January 12th, January 13th, January 14th - Register
  • New York - February 10th, February 11th, February 12th - Register
  • Miami - February 23rd, February 24th, February 25th - Register
  • Toronto - March 16th, March 17th, March 18th - Register
  • Los Angeles - March 31st, April 1st, April 2nd - Register

Web Online | 2 Hour Blocks

  • 6 Sessions - December 3rd, December 5th, December 8th, December 10th, December 16th, December 18th - Register
  • 6 Sessions - January 8th, January 9th, January 15th, January 16th, January 22nd, January 23rd - Register

Daylite Course Content

  • Intro & Concepts
  • Contacts & Calendars
  • Tasks
  • Notes & DMA
  • Find
  • Search
  • Smart Lists
  • Forms & Collaboration
  • Activity Sets
  • Projects & Opportunities
  • Printing
  • Reporting
  • Sharing
  • etc…

Merlin Course Content

  • Intro
  • Basic Project
  • Elements
  • Data
  • Resources & Scheduling
  • Finance
  • Program Management
  • Printing
  • Reporting
  • Sharing
  • etc..