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New Identity | New Website


As many of you may have noticed, we changed our logo and colors late last year. With the introduction of a new identity, we started on the path of new business materials such as business cards etc. it was also a time to revamp our website and content.

After some major hurdles with programmers and web developers (yes, we are not programmers), we finally completed the renovations. We unveiled our new website this morning.

It is our hope that you will find it easier to look for information about our services.

We would love your feedback on how else we may improve the website.

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Daylite at Apple Glendale

We will be presenting “Daylite for Business” at the Apple store – Glendale, August 3rd.

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Going the extra mile

We love doing what we can to accomplish our clients goals.  We have just completed a multi-location setup, that was challenge from the start. Beginning with no technical resources on the other end, to vendor screw-up with continual shipment or erroneous parts.  This was a test of patience.  Through all this we managed to navigate the hurdles and got the basic install taken care of prior to the final due date, but going to the other location and doing it our selves. Another example of our go getter work ethic. we don’t quit until the job is done!  Thanks to my team for all the long hours and hard work.

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