Daylite is a CRM and business productivity app designed to help solo businesses and teams on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Daylite helps you organize and connect the key components of your business. It connects your contacts, appointments, emails, notes, new business opportunities, tasks, and projects all in one intuitive app. Daylite's unique linking feature allows you to create a web of connections between the people and objectives that are important to your business. You stay organized, save time, and can focus on growing your business.

Key Features


Much more than a name and address. This is a core feature that allows you to truly understand who you are dealing with.


Track your business development with Opportunities. Truly understand and gain insight into your sales process.

Daylite Mail Assistant

Store emails and create follow up tasks and appointments in Daylite right within Apple Mail! No other CRM integrates with Apple Mail like Daylite.


Organize your personal and business appointments. View your team's calendar to easily schedule meetings. Link important people, emails, and notes to appointments.


Once you earn the business, track how your goods & services are being delivered.


Forms give you a way to collect data that is shared instantly and cane tabulated into reports. They are custom to your needs, and can be limited to objects or unlimited, it’s up to you.

Task Management

Staying in top of what we need to get done does not have to be a chore, or even forgotten for another day. With daylite, you can organize your tasks and even have all the information needed for those tasks, available when you need it. Capture, sort, and prioritize your tasks. Delegate tasks to team members.


Progress by phase and the ability to control activities. As your project moves forward, you can get a visual of its status. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business.


Customer Relationships are all about connections & history. With the ability to link just about anything to anything else, Daylite brings customer management to a new level.


Create notes with all the information that you want to track and link important notes and details to each task.

Activity Sets

With pre-defined tasks & appointments, followups are a breeze. Integrate into your workflow for a smooth & uniform customer experience.

Workflow Management

The many amazing features within Daylite, come together to create the possibility of an easy to manage workflow. Keep you business organized & focused.>/p>

New Features

Daylite Cloud

Just use Daylite, no need to worry about serves, backups or upgrades.

Flexible Task Lists

The ability to c create sub-tasks and further delineate your to do list is huge. Now you can manage simple task groupings, while assigning different subtasks to different users, or simply use them to keep organized.

Smart Task Filtering

Filter tasks for a focused workflow, more time to work, less time to worry.

iOS Mail Assistant

Coming soon !!! The ability to link emails into Daylite iOS.

iOS Integration

Daylite for iOS makes keeping in touch so easy. Use CalDAV/CardDAV to totally integrate your experience.

Mini Calendar Views

A whole new way to view your schedule.